~Someday I Will Change The World~ ❤

I value the idea that one life can change a community. I want to become someone who honors my belief system by truly living the words I speak. So, that’s where my “dreamers” come in! One dreamer can change a life. Whereas, a group of dreamers can change a community and change the world! As you see below, you can take a look at the lives, stories, and hearts of dreamers in my community that I support! I have worked with many of these dreamers personally on projects and/or I have had the opportunity to celebrate their service or craft!

The truth is, my dream isn’t sufficient if it fails to reach outside of my heart and into the life of others. I have always been very grounded on the principles that generosity and giving is a necessity no matter what stage of life I am in. I really want to become someone who changes the world and here’s one way I’ll do it! Let these dreamers inspire you to go after your goals and passions! Set your eyes high on the prize that life offers and shine bright in a world that needs your talent!


sequoia_2Sequoia Gillyard, The Word Worshiper, is founder and CEO of Empowering Ink. Through powerful spoken and written words she reaches straight into the souls of every audience uplifting them to imagine and experience new levels of greatness. A poet, speaker, actress, international radio host, entrepreneur and the author of Pillars of Hope, Sequoia is known for her ability to help women who are lost, hurting, and suffering in silence.

Learn more about Sequoia’s journey on her website: www.thejourneytoempowerment.net


Theresa Harvard Johnson is an Apostle & Founder of Voices of Christ Literary Ministries International and Voices of Christ Apostolic-Prophetic School of the Scribe!

Learn more about Theresa’s journey on her website: voicesofchrist.com  Check out her school: www.schoolofthescribe.com



Cheryl Pelton Lutz is the founder of, Securely Held, a writing, speaking, andlay counseling ministry. Cheryl’s passion is to help women realize they are securely held in Christ, in the midst of spiritual warfare.

Learn more about Cheryl’s journey on her website: www.securelyheld.com

J Giles Son

JGILESson is a Christ-Centered Kingdom Worker and Hip Hop Artist. I am featured on a few of his albums with spoken word poetry: download Here and There, Kingdom Work,  and Employed by the King to listen to his music and my poetry. You can find the albums wherever music is sold: I-Tunes, CD Baby etc.!

Learn more about his journey on his website: www.jgiles.org

Martavius Charles

Martavius Charles is an Atlanta-based Success Builder & Entrepreneur with a platform that serves individuals and groups with tools to become self-actualized individuals.

Learn more about Martavius’ journey on his website: www.mrmartaviuscharles.com


brutha war

Brutha War (Silas), a pioneer of street based-inspirational HipHop, drives home a message of hope. Through heartfelt lyrics and banging beats, this former member of the ground breaking group, Bruthaz Grimm (Grapetree Records 1998-2000) desires to show the spirit and heart of a Creator who has created everyone with divine purpose and value. Brutha War challenges us to look at what we stand for, so that we may heal our brokenness through the Creator’s infinite love within.

Download and share Brutha War’s music for free here!


Lawrenceville- Suwanee School of Music is Gwinnett’s number one choice for music lessons in Lawrenceville and music lessons in Suwanee. This school offers voice/singing, piano, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, violin, viola, clarinet, drum, and more! An amazing group of qualified teachers do more than teach students, they truly care about building a family of musicians who will make a difference in the community!

Learn more about Lawrenceville-Suwanee School of Music at: http://www.lawrencevillesuwaneeschoolofmusic.com/

This list is just beginning and this page will be updated regularly as I meet with dreamers in my city, state, and region! Be inspired! It only takes one voice to change a life. If you change a life, you change a community. If you change a community, you change the world!