Cynthia Giles

Someday I Will Change The World.

It Only Takes One Voice

It only takes 1 voice to change a life. If you change a life, you change a community. If you change a community, you change the world. From entertaining a crowd at an open mic’ night, to moving the hearts of students in a classroom, Cynthia Giles is gifted at inspiring others. She plans to use every artistic gift for a purpose greater than herself! What are those special gifts? “Meet Cynthia Giles” by learning more about who she is below!

Meet Cynthia Giles

Cynthia Giles is a spoken word artist, published writer, and speaker with a heart to make a difference in her lifetime. She is passionate about inspiring people all over the world through the arts! Cynthia has a saying “Why wait for a stage to perform poetry? Everywhere I go is a stage and every place is full of possibilities.” As a result, Cynthia’s performed spoken word poetry at conferences, fundraisers, healing retreats, advocacy programs, camps, business luncheons, theaters, slams, live-stream events, and so much more! She has a special spark for performances at schools. Due to her personal story of resilience, she loves to light a match in the hearts of students. In fact, Cynthia spent time as a student at Kennesaw State University, where she studied Literature and Professional Writing and received a Bachelor of Science in Integrative Studies. Today, she publishes articles, devotionals, and blog posts for several organizations… including iDisciple, a mobile app for inspirational content in connection with Family Christian Ministries and Family Christian Bookstores. Cynthia’s had the opportunity to be a guest on several radio stations, including Victory 91.5 FM, 93.3 the Joy FM, and Love 860 AM WAEC Inspirational Talk Radio. Cynthia Giles is a woman of many gifts and she is so thankful God is using her to make an impact, encourage, and inspire the life of others. Learn more about her favorite performances on her bookings page! Join the journey!



Cynthia Giles was invited to speak at the 2014 Catch the Wave Writers Conference with the Christian Authors Guild.

Cynthia performed and delivered a message at the University of Georgia for Take Back the Night: a college event that spreads awareness and shines a light on the topics of sexual abuse and domestic violence.


Cynthia delivered a poetry presentation for nearly 1,000 students at Collins Hill High School.

Cynthia submitted her poetry to audition for award-winning spoken word artists Jeff Burthke and Micah Bournes. The two artists selected her as a participant in the poetry slam. She performed in honor of the Justice Conference, an international conference that features internationally acclaimed speakers who are dedicated to inspiring a movement for justice.

Cynthia was the opening act for a Benefit Fundraiser with Loving Arms Cancer Outreach and Anita Woodley, an Emmy Award winning journalist and solo-actor.

With nearly 100,000 poets registered, Cynthia received a position as a poetry mentor for youth in the U.S. and other countries at the largest online and moblie site for teen poetry, powerpoetry.org.

She was in the Residence Life Newsletter, acknowledged for performing three poems and planning, as well as hosting an open mic that focused on spreading awareness about domestic violence.

She was invited to be a guest speaker at a Youth Conference held by It’s All About The Kids Mentoring Program.

Cynthia has been a well-known act consecutive times at The Arts of Cobb Theatre and Vauderville Showcase in the Marietta Square.

Cynthia performed for Church 4 Chicks Inc. which is an organization that helps women live with purpose without the pressure!