2 Practical Steps to Encourage Yourself on Valentine’s Day!

loveI normally treat Valentine’s Day like any other day of the week and I will do the same this year. Aside from being a silly tween girl (I’m 27 now), I’ve never really given the day much attention. But a few days before this heart-shaped holiday, I am stirred to write a post on relationships. I think a lot of mixed emotions come around this time of year:

  • Some are joyful, celebrating a long and healthy relationship…
  • Others are weary, right on the edge of divorce or learning how to cope with a divorce.
  • Some are free-spirited, experiencing a new relationship for the first time…
  • While others are grieving the loss of someone they loved deeply…
  • Some accept Valentine’s Day as singles awareness day and feel desperate to be in a relationship again…
  • And then you have people like me, who see the day like every other day in the week, and it doesn’t really have any true effect on them.

Where do your thoughts go on this heart-shaped holiday?

Joyful. Romantic. Angry. Bitter. Cold. Nostalgic. Loved. Broken. Hopeful. Apathetic… ?

Wherever you fall, I want you to know that God will meet you right where you are today. You do not have to bring yourself to God put together… and complete. Bring God your pieces and He will bring you pieces of heaven. Like that show Fixer Upper on HGTV, God is the ultimate renovator of cycling hearts, hearts that may just cycle through a thousand different thoughts and emotions in one day like today.

But let me tell you something, God can handle how you’re made. God can handle your tears. God can handle your anger. You are not too much for Him, ya’ know. You are enough in His eyes and He empathizes with your weaknesses and comforts your sorrows.

A healing process isn’t linear- it is very sideways, up and down, and back and forth. You shouldn’t fall in love in one day and you won’t necessarily find your way back to normalcy in one day either. It’s okay to not be okay today. But when tomorrow comes, I want you to do something for me. Because you cannot stay in darkness forever, I want you to go help someone who needs love. Go do an act of love for someone. And when you’re done, write a letter to God that expresses your gratitude for His agape, unconditional, never-changing love. Write God a letter or say a prayer of gratitude for the love that God gives you every single day.

It is okay to struggle today and I validate your pain but, you must get back up.

Although this particular day doesn’t have much of an impact on me, I do know what pain, sorrow, and weeping feels like.

We must teach our hearts how to survive the punches and knock out the pain.

I believe generosity and gratitude are healing tools that can bring us into greater depths of wholeness and healing.

So, know that God is not surprised by your reactions on this day. He is not worried or taken off guard by your thoughts. Instead, His love is so thick over you today, that this same love will carry you through tomorrow. And as God lifts you up into the grace-filled hope of today, be thinking about your act of love and act of gratitude!

Two practical steps, a random act of kindness and a meditation on what you are grateful for, can lift your spirit a little higher! But until you’re ready, know that messy kitchens are a sign that a chef is working and something glorious is being prepared. You will taste and see that the Lord is good!

And it’s the same with your heart, give God your mess, break into the security of His arms and He’ll break you free. He’ll breakthrough the cycles of today, the regrets of yesterday, and the anxiety of tomorrow. You can do this. I believe in you.

And maybe I’ll add one more practical step before I go: ask God to express His perfect love to you today! You will be surprised by the way He knows exactly what your heart needs today! Ask Him for what you need! You fellowship with a God of intimacy!

For those who are grieving the loss of someone they love, I pray that you receive encouragement today and become a prisoner of hope! I pray for joyful memories to flood your mind and instead of despair, a bit of sweet is discovered in the bitter of life. For life is at times, bittersweet!

You are loved, chosen, cherished, and special in His eyes! Happy Valentines Day!

With Love,